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Cube design
- Perfect harmony with interior -

Cube design is designed by a straight line and flat surface.

The stylish and functional design bright brings an interior accent to the kitchen space.

Thinner worktop/ Float cabinet

Float style cabinet designs and thinner worktop represent the Cube design.

The floor base part is made by durable aluminum.

Cube design details

Cuture door (high-quality door)

Craftsman deck sink

Ceramic counter

Joint parts thickness: 8mm, 0.3"

Front panel thickness: 0.2mm, 0.0078"

PTB thickness: 2.0mm, 0.078" 

SUS (Stainless) thickness:

1.2mm, 0.05"

Chamfer thickness: 2.0mm, 0.078"


Handleless door

Handleless door is one of the features of CENTRO.

It is an attractive part of cube design.

Sarvo (Slide container)

The drawer opens automatically by a light push on the front panel which makes cooking even more convenient and efficiently. 

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