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Find a comfortable lifestyle in your own style.

Simple and reasonable wide range of products and designs give you broad ideas of usage. Live your life by choosing the one that fits your needs.


Natural screen

Gathering place with warm colors.

~ Living room~

~Japanese room~

~Utility room~

Feeling of natural and calmness. 

Feeling of natural and calmness. 

Japanese style room

~ Living room~

~ Bed room~

The main theme sticked to make it as a relaxing and comfortable space.

Enjoy your personal time with what you like. 

Blinder makes your room special as it gets lights from outside.

~ Hobby room~

White elegant

~ Living room~

The natural and gentle texture interior matches with this blind.

Room to spend fun and enjoyable time with safety and cleanness.

~ Kids room~

Start your day with fresh mind from the bathroom that gets natural light though window.

~ Sanitary room~

Levels of see through

See through


It is translucent and used with as a lace curtain of double layout that allows you to retain sunshine when you want.

This shade allows the silhouette of inside and outside to blurry appear. 



It is created to protect your privacy. 

This shade type prevents from direct sunlight to go through to inside room.

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