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Worktop designs

Decorate your worktop with your favorite designs. 

There are 4 different series for STEDIA.

Bi-coat worktop

Bi-coat worktop is worktop that have special coating to avoid them from visible scratches, and stains that are on worktop. 

1. Bi-coat worktop allows stains to be removed easily.

2. Left is worktop without bi-coat. Right is with bi-coat.

3. Bi-coat does not show scratches easily.

Industrial series

スクリーンショット 2024-01-12 午前11.14.53.png

Ceramic worktop

1,200 ℃ heat and 25,000 tons pressured process.

- Scratch resistance and contamination resistance

- Heat resistance

- Durable

- Discoloration resistance

Ortana series

Corian worktop

Corian worktop establishes luxury atmosphere for interior with artificial marble.  

Solid series

Kariza series

Powder series

Acrystone worktop

Acryl artificial stone is durable and clean.

Easiness to clean is also a feature. 

Stainless series




Stainless worktop

Stainless worktop prevents from scratches, damages, rusts, stains. 

Our special coating call Bi-coat made it to be even easier to clean, and stronger. 

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