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System kitchen Rakuera/Bathroom vanity Tiaris


Thank you for always choosing Sannaka West.

We have completed the renovation of the kitchen and master bathroom and would like to introduce it to you.

System kitchen Rakuera features

This kitchen features a wide variety of door colors that can be selected from 30 colors that match a variety of interiors, and a design that can be enjoyed as an interior decoration.

Bathroom vanity Tiaris features

A new material, ``artificial marble Acriston quartz,'' is used for the counter and washbasin. Compared to materials such as ceramics and enamel, it is more impact resistant and less prone to scratches, so it can maintain its crystal-like beauty forever. The surface is smooth and scratch-resistant, so you can maintain its beauty by simply wiping off dirt on a daily basis.

If you are interested in Japanese-made kitchens, bathroom vanities, and other housing equipment, please contact our store.

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■ Business hours Mon-Sut: am10: 00-pm5: 00 Address: 560 N Nimitz Hwy # 101B, Honolulu, HI 96817, USA ■ Email Phone number (808) 537-6181 FAX (808) 537-6188 We look forward to your visit. Please contact us if you are interested. You can also order from the web! Please check here Sannaka-WEST HP




システムキッチン ラクエラ特徴


洗面化粧台 Tiaris(ティアリス)特徴



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