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Japanese room renovation in progress!


Thank you for choosing Sannaka-WEST.

One of our Japanese room projects is moving forward very well at K residence!

Shoji frames have been installed very well by our Japanese carpenter even though the walls, ceilings, and floor levels in America are not built flat or parallel.

Because a lot of authentic Japanese doors have four fixed frames, we adjust the level of floor or walls to make sure doors slides smoothly on tracks.

The shoji screen design in the picture is called Yukimi Shoji. Yukimi means looking at snow in Japanese. The motif of this shoji design is that the bottom screen can be slide up so that you can have beautiful view in snow from many years ago in Japan.

We do not get snow view in Hawaii, but still very beautiful and cultural to see Japanese authentic doors in stalled in Hawaii, and they definitely bring Japanese atmosphere into rooms.

Other than Yukimi design, we also have Fukiyose, Aragumi, or

If you are interested in our products or service, please feel free to contact us or visit our showroom.

Thank you very much.








■ Business hours Mon-Sut: am10: 00-pm5: 00 Address: 560 N Nimitz Hwy # 101B, Honolulu, HI 96817, USA ■ Email Phone number (808) 537-6181 FAX (808) 537-6188 We look forward to your visit. Please contact us if you are interested. You can also order from the web! Please check here Sannaka-WEST HP

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